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Not Any Kind of Lady

Really really *really* did not want to get out of bed, but I made it to work on time, and managed to keep all the fires from lighting up. Worked out in my office again, though I didn't feel connected in my abs.

I stayed a little late at work, hoping to get ahead on things today instead of Friday like I normally do. Beth was supposed to come over for dinner again, but I hadn't heard from her, and don't want to press the issue. We'll see each other when we see each other.

Opted to stop by the gym instead of going home first, and was expecting a much shorter workout than I got. 1.5 hrs, all muscle work. Matt asked what I was up to as I was finishing, because he was meeting a friend in Hillcrest and didn't want to drive home after work just to drive back down again. I put on Rick and Morty (which seems overrated from the first few episodes), he at dinner, we made out. Then he showered, swished some mouthwash, grabbed a pair of cute underwear from my drawer, and left. I'm fine with this, as I don't have the kind of spark with Matt that I do/did with say, Parker, or Evan, or Julian, etc. And (importantly) I had no sex FOMO related trouble sleeping. But I've also been the only one bringing anything to the table socially. He comes to my brunches, parties, orgies, etc., but never invites me along with any of his friends/tricks, or has any over. I am not your deus sex machina, your social passport, your pimp, etc.

Yogurt and Doctor

Rise and shine everyone, today's the day! The sun is shining, the tank is clean....It was not a good day for me to be leaving early - more substitution, more court ordered appointments, and a surprise meeting on maybe covering the phones once a month. Got through it, though, and even managed a brief but intense workout. Got home, got cleaned up and waited.

In my many phone calls with the doc, I've chatted with a bunch of cheerful, pleasant people. None of them were at the front desk. My doc was an older, vaguely grumpy man, but since my reaction to any stress is to be even more delightful, I had him chuckling and smiling by the end. Also, I think he might be gay, so I'm really happy I made my butt pretty for the exam. I very clearly have a fissure. The options are prescription cream and reduced bottoming or surgery and no bottoming for 6 weeks. The chances of me not bottoming for 6 weeks are pretty nil, though this would probably have been a great time to do it, financially speaking. Finally, not that I'm super keen to try fisting, but if I ever get fisted, I'll probably get another fissure.

Picked up my meds, thought about stopping at the gym, but I really thought I might fall over, so going home to lay on the couch for a second sounded better. I happened to see Chris from PS online, and while he was available, he was also sick, so couldn't even meet socially. I did eventually drag myself to the gym around 7.

I've been chatting with Yogurt on and off, and he finally unlocked the rest of his pics. Sadly, he only looks like Schmerber from certain angles, but he'll probably be a fun lay and a good friend. Chatted with Dimitri at home, but I was so tired I can't really remember the conversation.

Third Wheel Star

Norman had messaged me over the weekend about getting together on Tuesday, and I asked for confirmation Monday morning. He finally got back to me around noon, but was ambivalent on having a second boy over. I try to get my friends work whenever possible....as it turns out, though, I don't even know that many escorts anymore. I messaged George, who's worked with me once, then was supposed to twice - one time Norman canceled, the other time George never replied. He said he wasn't available to work, but didn't answer when I asked if he's still interested in the work, so I'mma take that as a "no." Jay and Michael are the only other guys I know, and I never know which to message, when I suddenly remembered Parker. I'm still a little wary around him, as he, like George, is the sort of person that everyone falls in love with, but I've had very little effort on his part to see me.

He was up for it, just needed a ride to OB after for his meeting. Oh, and a ride to my place. Oh, and to shower at my place. Oh, and he was only getting out at 4:45, though he was able to change that to 4:30. We talked a little in the car, because I haven't physically seen him since Desert Romp, and all I know from FB is that he's in an inpatient recovery center. Talking didn't clear a whole lot up, and I'm not one to pry, but he did tell me that his bf from July, the one he was driving to Vegas to see, had killed himself via gunshot to the head. So that's a thing.

I hopped in the shower at home, but still didn't trust my stomach to bottom for Parker. Norman was very very smitted with him, to the point where I felt a little ignored. I'm good at making myself fit into a 3 way, so it's not like I was ever just watching, but still. He came, Norman's extremely happy, we both got paid. Norman also exemplifies lots of things I love about escorting. I took his virginity a few years ago. I've let him experience sexual worlds he thought he'd never get to see, and even escorts had turned him down before.

Parker wants to do drag for Halloween, so I loaned him my red wig. At this point, I'm not going to get it styled in time, and I do have that red hair chalk. It'll be a different vibe, but the same general look. Took him to the store to get cake, almost paid for it, almost gave him the plates and forks from the SWoRN picnic, but didn't. I got him work, I gave him a ride, I'm loaning the wig. It's enough. Dropping him off at the meeting, he left his wig in the car, and I actually get the feeling it's intentional. Because Lorde knows him saying "hey, I'd like to see/fuck you" would be too much.

I stopped at the gym on the way home, in spite of being hungry and tired. It was incredibly busy, but I got a solid workout in. Dimitri was already home when I got there, talking to Ryan, so I relaxed in my room with LMF. I did eventually join him on the couch for a glass of wine, giving him all the sagely wisdom I've acquired being a Helper. He cried a couple times. I thought we might fuck, but my stomach was being even more of a jerk, so I went to bed instead.

Revolving Door

Woke up in the dark, answered a couple messages on Scruff, jerked off, managed to get back to sleep. Woke up for real to another message from Chris - he was chatting with a hot guy, but had no place to take him...unless I was up for fun? Okay, quick fun. Jumped up, brushed my teeth, cleaned up the place a bit. Chris came over, high as a kite, crystal dick and all. Ew. His friend was possibly also high, but never showed. And Chris had been up for the last couple days, wasn't ready to bottom. All in all, I was an hour late to work - fine, since I told them I couldn't find my keys, and I'm glad I made the effort.

Ryan's ex, Dimitri, posted in a couple groups we're part of that he'd been "illegally evicted" and needed a place to crash. I'm not swooping in anymore, so it wasn't until he messaged me directly that I offered my place, but also suggested Tim's place, as that's more long term and official. He opted for mine, said he'd be by around 8. I also questioned him more on his eviction, and he explained he'd been staying with a friend who uses drugs and didn't feel safe there. Ah. That's a bit different then. But okay.

Chatted with a couple folks on Scruff, but no concrete plans, and was a little out of it. Ended up laying on the couch a bit instead of going to the gym. Tim asked to come by to meet the new guest, but he came by at 6 even though I told him he wasn't going to be there until around 8 or so.

Tim approved of Dimitri, because for all that's he's a little crazy, he's high functioning. Like, he's a step below the CFO at his job, makes 95k/year. We had wine after Tim left, and might have fucked, but his breath was *kicking.* Went to bed at 10:40, which is definitely later than I'd wanted.


Woke up and alternated riding Matt and snuggling with him. I guess he moved to the bed at some point in the night. Much more convenient. Eventually he got up, I made waffles and coffee, Tim came over with Pupple, and even FHA joined us. I played music while we waited for it to be time to go to brunch....I mostly played the same things I play all the time, because I never remember that I've played them already. But FHA hadn't heard PMJ's incredible cover of "Maps" so that was one good thing.

For god only knows what reason, Matt waited until just before we were about to leave to shower, even though we'd been sitting there for a good 45 min before that. Russ and Billy were already at the table. I opted for a liquid diet of just mimosas, and said hi to the ADORABLE pit bull outside. It was a really fun brunch, it was great to see FHA, and I was downright charming to Russ and Peter. FHA departed after brunch, the boys wanted to go to Babycakes.

Babycakes was pretty fuzzy for me. Really, the next thing I remember is sitting on Billy's dick while Matt fucked Russ behind me. And freaking out because of it. And then freaking out because I thought it was morning and I needed to get to work. Somehow the 4 way kept happening, though I don't know if anyone came. Matt and I left, with me not even remembering that we'd Lyfted there. Good lord.

Back home, we flip fucked more. I really really wanted to cum for him, but it just wasn't happening. He was hungry, so I gave him my credit card, but he opted to go home instead.


Woke up at 6:30, which is definitely not enough time to sleep. Bummer. Matt had sent a text just after I went to bed that he misses my face. I sent one back that I miss his butt. On my face.

Chad hit me up on Scruff, wanting me to wake his bf up. He was already awake by the time I got there, but we still had a blast. Chad even showered so I could eat his ass while I was getting fucked. So considerate. I tried to go back to sleep when I got home, but it wasn't happening. Hans hit me up, asked if he could do G and flip fuck. Sure! We had a great time - I topped, he topped, very connected (likely the G). Unfortunately, he was lingering, literally waiting for me to cum even after I told him I wasn't going to. He finally had to leave to get to OC to score more drugs. I jerked off after he left and finally managed to doze for a bit.

Shaun had messaged me around noon, because Matt and I were supposed to have a 5 way with him and his partners, but it obviously didn't happen. Ah, well. There's always next time.

Matt and I had messaged throughout the day, but hadn't set up anything concrete. He'd been at Paul's place, and apparently had the worst hookup ever with some guy that Paul picked up the night before at PECS. So weird, I must've missed the invite to go out. Oh well.

Nick et al were going to #1 on Fifth, but I was just getting to the gym. Fastest workout ever, which is doubly good because I forgot to validate my parking. Got cleaned up at home and waited for Matt, who was apparently waiting for me to text him that I was done at the gym.....but I'd told him my door was open when I was there, so I don't know why he was. He was like, 6 shots in when he got there, took a quick shower, and we were off.

For the first time ever, there was a line to get in at #1. Crazy. It was good to see Nick again, though we spent very little time talking to him. I did meet his boyfriend, Vladimir. He's cute, but Nick doesn't seem to like him. I also saw Ryan there, and someone played Oblivion on the jukebox and I got so excited I crushed my cup.

Matt was really really drunk by this point, so I made him some food at home, and then he passed out on the couch. Not really how'd I'd hoped the night would go, but it's alright.

Reluctant Butterfly

Finally got around to doing the paperwork for Ashley, though I only got the state stuff done. The IRS form will actually be easier, since I don't have to research another state's laws for it. I hadn't heard from Matt at all, so I opted to stay late and get a head start on a bunch of things for next week. Left at 6, hit the gym on the way. I could've sworn I brought my gym clothes, but apparently not. My butt looks great in the Hufflepuff jammies, so I'm not upset.

Still no word from Matt, but another friend called me asking if I have an extra Z pack. I do, but the current prescribed treatment is a z pack with a shot of rocephin. He's loathe to go to his doctor about it, because she gives him a lecture every time. I think he should get a new doctor. If your doc can't enthusiastically take care of your health, they shouldn't be your doc. She should be *delighted* that he's getting tested/treated, not upset that he got an std at all.

Eliot also messaged me, wanting me to meet him at Uptown with friends. Uptown is apparently a 90's straight nightclub on Friday nights, as I was treated to Montel Jordan upon entering. We only stayed there for one drink before moving on to Flick's. It was packed there. I tried to shazam one of the songs, but couldn't grab it in time, and couldn't get to the dj booth to ask him. Boo. At some point, I texted someone about helping them, but I can't remember what it was about. I was also in one of those moods, so I gave money to all the homeless people on the street.

I dropped Eliot off at home, kissed goodbye and headed home myself. Matt texted me at almost 2, asking what I was up to the next day. I thought this was the 22nd, which is when all my party invites start, but don't really have anything going on. Okey-dokey.


Woke up to a message from Yogurt! "Going well, thanks handsome." Wait no. You woofed at me, that means we're getting married. Or at least fucking. Kissing? Anything? I gave my normal response "glad to hear it" response to that. But I also looked at the screencap of his pic the rest of the day. Because looking at his actual profile all day would be weird, amirite?

Hit the gym on the way home, even though I reminded myself all day, in the car, and as I was pulling into the garage that I didn't have my gym clothes with me. Saved by being a packrat yet again, because I have plenty of A shirts in my car, and I have my Hufflepuff jammies.

Dave came by at 7 to talk about business stuff - showed me the website template he wants to purchase, talked about deadlines for the other stuff. It's a bit disappointing that Shane never followed through on the website. I get that he was charging/we're paying below market, but we were still paying him. Seeing the stills, I feel better about the site, and I need to start thinking of/writing/purchasing for the next scene. God I hope Prop 60 doesn't pass.

Hit The Ground...Something

3 day weekend when we're nearing, but not quite at, the holidays? Sure, I'll spend 2 hrs just sorting our eservice. Between that and my monthly meeting, I ended up staying an extra 2 hours. The meeting went really well. Lynelle has been so busy she didn't even realize the meeting was happening. Dave is happy, Lynelle is happy, and they want to start training claimers on Staff claim stuff. Good. Hit the gym after. My finger is still hurting from smacking into the wall, and I seem to have pulled something in my shoulder, so I did light weights and cardio. But I feel good about it, and Spacehog always makes me feel better.

I stopped at the store on the way home, because I'm rapidly running out of food and clean clothes (even for my very broad definition of "clean). Unfortunately, the store was out of "meatballs," nothing else sounded good, and I didn't want to just get quarters.

Had the last of the tofu, watched something on Netflix and tried to sleep. It was 9:30 when I went to bed, nearly 11 when I took a melatonin.


Woke up at 2. Bummer! Day off. Excellent! Had a million things I should have done, but I finished Chrono Trigger instead. I didn't do laundry, I didn't go to the gym, I didn't even journal or work on Ashley's nonprofit paperwork. Like, I barely got off the couch, and certainly didn't leave my apartment. I did manage to doze for a bit part way through the day, though even that was a struggle. It turns out my Nostalgia Machine not only has all of these games, it also has several fan made games based on them including Crimson Echoes and Prophet's Guile.